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Wedding preparations can seem to take forever, but a simple and enjoyable task is selecting songs to be played on your special day. Read some of our tips…

A major part of a wedding – other than the couple tying the knot – is music played at the reception. After food has been consumed guests will want to mark this momentous occasion by showing off their moves on the dancefloor, and the choice of music may entice people to leave their tables and get involved. Some people decide to hire a band and while this can be a good choice, it perhaps limits the selection of songs on offer for guests to enjoy. This can also be fairly expensive so a cost-effective method which many choose is to select your own music in a preferred order. This can effectively tie in with the different stages of your wedding reception.

Perhaps the most important song of all is the one which marks a reception entrance, when everyone is eagerly anticipating the newlyweds’ arrival. It is a good opportunity to set the tone for the upcoming party by creating an uplifting mood. Ideally, you will select a track that is loving and upbeat without being too cheesy. Unless it is an absolute classic a song with a slow tempo should probably avoided, but music is very subjective so this is driven by personal taste. There also needs to be consideration when picking a song for the first dance.

Traditionally, the father of the bride will dance with his daughter following the first dance and this should be a track they both enjoy or a well-known hit that gets the dancefloor flooded with guests and families of all ages. This opens up excellent photograph opportunities of close family members with smiles on their faces while dancing together to celebrate such a memorable occasion. Your special day is fully captured by our photographer, but we are discreet so no guests are disturbed by our presence.

By creating a playlist with dance music and recent chart hits you will be able to appeal to all of your guests and this will produce a fun atmosphere that reflects everyone’s mood. It is important to remember the ages of attendees so a variety of music is useful if you want to keep everybody happy. We believe that our wedding photography is one of the best services of its kind around London and beyond. To get a free quote please contact us at Rashpal Photography. You can reach us by calling 020 7183 9005 or by filling in our quick online form. We cater for all types of Asian weddings so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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