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How Do You Want To Remember Your Wedding Day?

Asian wedding photography styles are varied and nuanced, as they should be. As professional photographers, Rashpal are able to capture and identify the distinct moments and accommodate the special features of your day. Every relationship has its own wonderful characteristics, but Asian weddings also come steeped in traditions that can be so specifically individual.

We have been professional wedding photographers for years and understand the process of each ceremony and admire rituals, customs and cultures with our lenses. We are a modern studio and specialise in contemporary shots that still embody long standing traditions. Rashpal photographers blend into the proceedings and our wedding photography style is very discreet. We can recognise and capture the nuanced moments throughout your day that other, more formal photographers, might miss.

Get in touch for more information about our wedding photography styles and examples or to commission our services.

Silent, Sophisticated, Stylish

Rashpal provide a high-quality service and believe in capturing authentic moments of love and celebration. Our wedding photography style showcases genuine moments and documents the truth and sentiment of your wedding day. Natural poses always highlight your actual relationship but when they are augmented by beautiful backgrounds, we are able to capture magic.

As experienced Asian wedding photographers, we have been trusted to document many weddings at an extensive list of venues and locations. We are renowned for our adaptable wedding photography style, able to tell the story of your day, wherever it might be. Rasphal is available for everything from Hindu weddings in Hotels to Sikh celebrations that continually move throughout the day and engagement shoots.

Our Photography Style

We find Asian weddings to be such a splendid infusion of colour, excitement and love that it’s almost a sensory overload. Trust Rashpal Photography to capture a balance of real moments and classic portraits. We will silently navigate your day, photographing the candid shots so that you can remember the moments as you have lived them.

We want you to be able to relive this day for a lifetime, so our wedding photography styles and shots are always the highest quality. We produce creative, distinctive images for you to enjoy for years to come.

Our engagement shoots focus on more curated images to announce the celebration, whilst our wedding photography is much more candid and inclusive. Many wedding celebrations are as much about uniting families as they are about the happy couple. As experienced Asian wedding photographers, we can promise elegance and professionalism. Photography is our passion and you are our inspiration.

Asian Wedding photographs can be so dramatic with bold colours and jewels; view our blog or browse our galleries for more on our wedding photography style.

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