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Rashpal Photography Uxbridge, London
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Our gallery of pre wedding photography showcases announcement and engagement photo shoots. A pre wedding photography session captures relationships in romantic, inspiring or sentimental locations around the world. Re-visit the city where you met, the exact spot of your first kiss or somewhere entirely new. Rashpal’s professional photographers have been trusted to tell the story of so many couples in a variety of unique locations.

Our pre wedding photography style is a blend of candid moments and sculptured shots that showcase your special relationship. Carefully selected locations will enhance your shoot, but you will always be the star of the show. We are storytellers as much as professional photographers, check out our pre wedding gallery for inspiration and examples of our work.

Why Should I Have A Pre Wedding Shoot?

Pre wedding photography is a beautiful way to announce your nuptials in an incredibly personalised and polished medium. Our professional photographs can be incorporated into bespoke wedding invitations or as a sentimental souvenir for your loved ones. Pre wedding and engagement shoots are especially popular for Asian weddings or couples living abroad, away from their families. Professional photos can be printed, sent and kept as a token of this exciting time in your relationship.

Rashpal Pre Wedding & Engagement Shoots Style

We promise personalised pre wedding photography. Rashpal have been trusted to capture the pre wedding magic as well as the special day of many couples. This means we get to learn your styles and become more intimate with the nuances of your relationship. Sticking with the same wedding photographer will ensure honest shots that truly tell your story.

Pre wedding photography tends to be more informal that wedding day photographs. We incorporate landscapes and dramatic backgrounds to capture distinctive images, experimenting with colour and lights to provide editorial-style photographs. Asian pre wedding photography is often very affectionate but our creative, contemporary style will ensure your shots look natural and fun.

At the heart of everything we do, is our passion for capturing your relationship. We will work with you to understand your style and what you want out of your pre wedding photography session. Each shoot is different, and we guarantee a tailor-made experience. Get in touch for a consultation or to book your pre wedding shoot, today!

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