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Choosing the location for your big day is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make. There are so many things to consider, from the number of guests you’re going to be inviting, to whether or not you want a location that’s unique to you. How much work you’re willing to take on to come out with the perfect wedding? With so much at stake it can be easy to become flustered when it comes to making your final pick, but Rashpal Photography is here to offer a few tips and make the decision a bit easier.

How many guests are you inviting?

Are you one of those people who have been dreaming of a huge wedding since they were young, with hundreds of family members and friends in attendance? Or are you seeking something smaller, maybe with just the people closest to you? The size of your wedding will greatly influence the locations available to you.

Will you be having a religious ceremony?

Traditional religious ceremonies sometimes have to be held in places of worship, so make sure you decide on the date for the wedding before you choose the reception location. There are also some religious establishments that frown upon elaborate decorations, flowers or dresses, so make sure you’re aware of all the guidelines beforehand.

How much maintenance do you want to perform?

Some wedding locations are perfect from the moment you first set your eyes on them. Others, however, need quite a bit more work before they can be considered ready for a wedding. Depending on your venue, you may have to perform some heavy lifting, decorating or a number of other things. Make sure you realise just what you’re taking on before you settle on a venue.

How unique do you want it to be?

There might be that one special venue that’s in your head, that offers great memories from when you were younger, or a fantastic view that can’t be matched. Choosing a unique venue isn’t always easy, and sorting everything out may take a while. If you want your ceremony to be outside then it’s worth having a contingency plan just in case of rainfall.

Do you want a traditional location?

A traditional location is ideal for couples with a connection to a certain venue and a large guest list. Most decent sized halls can accommodate up to 400 people, which should be more than enough for your guest list. If you want to get married in a religious venue then make sure your ceremony doesn’t clash with any events of worship.

How about a wedding at home?

This kind of wedding can be perfect for those with access to larger homes, giving the event a much more intimate feel. It’s important to note that even though you may not be spending money on a big venue, you’ll still have to pay out for extras such as cutlery, gazebos, tables and chairs, on top of figuring out parking and how to keep the garden tidy.

…Or a wedding further away?

You could choose to have your wedding further away, for instance at a special resort, and make the event last the whole weekend. There are many resorts that offer all-inclusive packages for everything, including food, so it could help with planning. However while the cost may be cheaper for you, it will probably be more expensive for guests, so try to restrict travel time and monetary costs as a courtesy.

Maybe even a quirky location?

Some couples really want to go against the grain by having a wedding in a really quirky location. This could be a sports venue, an art gallery or a museum, depending on your preference. It doesn’t always have to be hugely expensive, either, as you can usually haggle over prices at these locations. Just be sure to get detailed information about the licensing requirements beforehand.

With so much to take on board it can seem easy to get flustered, but with a little time and research you should be able to find the perfect location for your wedding. Another massive part of your wedding is choosing an experienced photographer who will be able to capture your special day in all its glory, providing you with fantastic photographs for years to come. That’s exactly what you get with Rashpal Photography, so contact us today and find out more.

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