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One of the most traditional aspects of any wedding is the cake, but what one should you choose on your special day? Rashpal Photography lists some options.

There is so much to organise for a day that will live long in the memory of newlyweds that it can seem difficult to fit everything in. With the venue for the ceremony and reception high on the list of priorities some things can be rushed, and sometimes booked with just a short time to go until the eagerly anticipated event. Of course, booking the ideal setting for one of the most important days of your life should trump a wedding cake, but this should not be forgotten about. It is likely that a high number of your guests will have a sweet tooth, plus cutting the cake is a key part of the reception once a couple have tied the knot.

For some, choosing a wedding cake can be one of their favourite parts of planning the day, but there are several things to consider including design, flavours, size and your wedding budget. As we all know, traditional wedding ceremonies are costly affairs, but this is usually a price worth paying when committing to spending the rest of your life with the person you love. Bespoke wedding cakes appeal to many couples in terms of its appearance alongside the taste.

If you’re honest with your cake designer about your budget then they can create the best possible cake with an appealing design and even better combination of flavours. Informing them of your expected number of guests is also important as this will result in the correct portion size to cater for all attendees. With a range of flavours and designs available no matter your budget it is best to keep things simple so your guests can appreciate the flavours of your wedding cake.

It is worth discussing flavour options with the cake designer as they will have years of experience in this specialist area and will be knowledgeable about what has been a success for many couples in the past. Another importance thing to sort out is your wedding photographer. You should consider our services here at Rashpal Photography as we cover all Asian weddings and silently capture the best moments of your special day without interfering with guests. For more information about what we offer please call us by dialling 020 7183 9005. Please do not hesitate to contact us as we welcome a friendly chat with those interested in hiring Asian wedding photographers in London.

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