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Weddings are notoriously expensive but there are several ways of saving money for your special day without having a negative impact on the service.

When your partner exclaims “yes” and your engagement is confirmed, the wedding planning often begins without much hesitation at all. Regardless of how far away your planned date is, this acceptance begins the long process of preparing for such a memorable and special occasion. Once you get used to the thought of tying the knot it can suddenly dawn on couples about how expensive a traditional ceremony will be. Of course, this does little to put people off staging a major event full of jazzy features but it can undoubtedly cause a big hit to your bank balance. This issue can be just a side effect if you follow these useful tips on how to save money on your special day.

Don’t Rush Preparations

Some decide to plan over a longer period of time for a number of reasons and saving money for the life-changing is one of these. While this gives couples enough months to fully prepare for the exact day they want it also allows them to compare more deals and get the most cost-effective services from various companies. Booking the venue and caterers can vary in price during various seasons of the year. Having more time to think can also be rewarding, as you may hear recommendations from friends of friends and a greater number of people who have recently married.

Tie Together the Ceremony and Reception

A cost-effective way of having a decent service and reception is by them being held at the same venue, which may be better than it initially sounds. Some venues will be large enough for you to have brilliant photos due to the lovely scenery and spacious seating areas for food, drinks and music afterwards. This can save money not just on booking fees, but transportation costs and, of course, invaluable time. We understand that this might not appeal to some people, so why not consider our next tip.

Hold your Reception at a Restaurant

You can dine out at an extravagant restaurant and still save money from holding this part of the event at a conventional wedding venue. These are very pricey during the summer seasons and weekends, so picking a restaurant with excellent food and a diverse range of options can be better than limiting guests to a small choice of choices – this can be beneficial for vegans, vegetarians and those with any intolerance to glucose and other substances.

Wedding Cake

It may be true that most people have a sweet tooth, but that does not have to warrant spending big on a traditional tiered wedding cake. You can clamp down on this extravagant feature without affecting the taste and texture that makes this food so popular throughout the world. Having said this, substituting a gigantic baking product for more dessert options is not necessarily a drawback – it can leave more of your guests satisfied while eating their final course.

It can be difficult to narrow down an array of confirmations regarding your wedding day, but for a reputable photographer look no further than our team at Rashpal Photography. With a friendly and hassle-free service you and your guests will get pictures taken at your own will and with a superb quality of finish. We realise how important these ceremonies are and our commitment to high quality leaves pictures that can be fondly remembered for generations.

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