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A Bespoke Asian Wedding Photography Service

Your Asian wedding is one of the most important days of your life, which is why it is essential that you hire a professional Asian wedding photographer that can help ensure your memories last a life time. Pictures speak louder than words, and our bespoke Asian wedding photography service is sure to make it memorable. Whilst a wedding photographer may be at the bottom of your long list when it comes to planning your Asian wedding, it is just as important as arranging your flower bouquet and choosing the perfect Lenhenga for your body shape. Here is why hiring a professional wedding photographer for your big day is essential.

Capturing Special Moments

Having spent hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds planning your bespoke wedding, you want to capture all the special moments that happen throughout the day. Whilst taking photographs may seem easy, good photography is far more than simply having a fancy camera. Professional photographers, such as those at Rashpal Photography, have spent hours upon hours training to become one of the best Asian wedding photographers on the market in order to compose the most beautiful shots. Our approach to capture one of the most important days of your life is very much different to other Asian wedding photographers. Instead of simply getting the job done, we will work with you to capture distinctive images unique to your wedding.

Difficult Lighting

Professional photographers are able to capture countless special moments on your big day, including those that you get caught up with in the moment that may be in poor lighting. Whilst you can’t always avoid dark venues, professional photographers are able to make the most of the lighting and understand that taking the perfect photograph requires monitoring the light constantly and changing the ISO, aperture and shutter speed – which is something not every photographer is aware of.

Bespoke Service

At Rashpal Photography, we strive to ensure that each different session is bespoke to the couple, as well as the wedding. Whilst some photographers work on a general basis and capture images they would like in their own wedding photography portfolio and aim to create ‘perfect’ poses, we ensure you receive the images you want by discussing your requirements before the big day. Not only is our wedding photography service highly experienced in the specific needs of every Asian wedding, but all of our professional photographers are familiar with all the ceremonies included within a traditional Asian wedding, and thus are able to provide you with relevant photography. This means that you won’t need to worry about having a photographer who is unfamiliar with your traditions, and can relax knowing that our expert photographers won’t get in the way.

If Something Goes Wrong..

But, what if something goes wrong? At Rashpal Photography, we understand that things can go wrong, which is why we always carry back up equipment with us to ensure that if anything goes wrong with one camera, we can continue snapping away the day, leaving you able to enjoy your special day without any worries. Similarly, unlike a non-professional photographer, all of our photographers carry an additional memory card and camera battery with them in case it was to corrupt or if the battery runs out, so you can rest assured that your photographs will flow, just like the big day itself.

We understand that you have taken months upon months carefully planning the finer detail of your romantic day, which is why you want the best photography to reflect your big day, and there are countless reasons why you should choose Rashpal Photography. From being rest assured that if something unexpected was to happen that our friendly photographers have the situation in-hand, to receiving a bespoke Asian wedding photography service suitable for your needs and requirements on your special day. For more information about our bespoke Asian wedding photography service, please do not hesitate to get in touch today to discuss an Asian wedding photography package for your big day.

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