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Traditional Asian Photography Scenes/Settings

When it comes to Asian wedding photography, the settings of each photo are often just as important as the bride and groom themselves. From stunning scenery to barely any background at all, the range of settings for a traditional Asian photograph are simple, yet effective at capturing the beauty of the big day. Here, we’ve decided to take a deeper look into what some of the most popular traditional scenes for an Asian wedding photographer really are.

No Setting

As this post is about traditional wedding scenery, you may be a little confused as to why the first point is ‘no setting’. Plain or limited backgrounds are particularly useful when taking portrait photographs. The clothing, accessories and make-up involved in a traditional Asian wedding are often intricate, detailed and stunning, so a plain background can help bring the focus onto the subject of the photo as opposed to the background. The detail stands out far more, making it the perfect photography style for portraits.

Use Of Light

The use of lights and lighting within Asian wedding photography is arguably the most traditional point on our list. Warm, incandescent lights are highly common at Asian weddings, but this can be difficult to shoot without experience and the technical knowledge. For a traditional feel to the photographs, however, there’s – debatably – nothing better. Well, aside from perhaps the use of candles. Candles are notorious for creating a romantic, relaxed atmosphere, and what better for a wedding of any kind? Utilising this in the photos helps bring in an intimate feel to each photograph. Add in a portable light and you can create just the right lighting for your shot without giving up any of the atmosphere.

Grand Buildings

Wedding venues can be expensive, so utilising the space in every way is ideal for a bride and groom. When it comes to taking photographs of the happy couple, or even the family members, using key features of the venue they’ve chosen can not only give them the best shots, but remind them for years to come of the beautiful location of their wedding. Many Asian weddings are blessed with stunning decoration to rival even the bride’s dress, so bringing them into the photographs with the bride captures a visually stunning image that has a traditional feel.

The Outdoors

If you truly want a traditional shot, using the outdoors can work to your advantage, especially at venues with stunning gardens. Foliage and a beautiful blue sky are timeless, so if the happy couple are lucky enough to have the right venue and the best weather, capturing the right setting is simple! Open spaces make for perfect family photos for big congregations, or pathways and features can make interesting additions to couple portraits.


As with any wedding, the family and guests are usually one of the biggest highlights of a wedding – so use them! Including family in photographs, or groups of smiling guests can not only fill the background of a photograph, but can create a warm, loving atmosphere to the photos. Family is an important value in any Asian culture, so capturing the bride and groom’s loved ones naturally enjoying the day in the background is essential.

At Rashpal Photography, we aim to ensure that every moment of your wedding is captured beautifully. Find out more about our services and book an expert Asian wedding photographer today.

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