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Top Asian Wedding Photography: Behind the Scenes

If you’re in the exciting build-up to your big day, you might be looking at your wedding photography options. An Asian wedding is definitely a colourful spectacle that you’ll want photographed perfectly! At Rashpal Photography, we specialise in capturing cultural traditions and go above and beyond to blend in with the crowd and document the day. If you’d like to find out more about what goes on behind the scenes for a top Asian wedding photographer, read on.

Set Up

First things first, a dedicated photographer will head to the location of the shoot to make sure everything is set up. They’ll prepare all of their equipment ahead of the day – batteries charged, second shooter briefed, memory cards ready to go – so as soon as they arrive they are ready to start capturing beautiful moments. The careful set up process includes identifying perfect natural lighting sources, getting tripods poised ready for the grand entrance and making sure that everyone is as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

Capturing The Ceremony

During the ceremony, a top Asian wedding photographer will be stealthily snapping away. Asian weddings are filled with both cultural and religiously-significant traditions; the last thing anyone wants is a well-meaning photographer interrupting the flow of the day! Our team understand exactly which moments to capture and will work hard to blend in with the crowd, making sure they catch the true emotions of the day respectfully and appropriately. Often the most touching images are those where the guests are completely relaxed and unaware they are even being photographed.

Enjoying Eating

No wedding is complete without delicious food! The break in the day is important for photographers too as they are often on their feet for seven or eight hours at a time, with little chance to pause for breath. The evening meal is a time for the guests to share in the newly married couple’s joy and is also a great time to take some beautiful candid shots of them with their family and friends.

A Lot Of Editing

A photographer’s job isn’t complete as soon as the big day is over. They will have taken hundreds of shots before and after the ceremony, as well as while it’s going on. Asian weddings are so vibrant and there is always so much happening, that narrowing down the choice of shots is quite a challenge, even for a top photographer. It’s a difficult job, but one that needs to be done! Once the photographer has identified their top photographs, they’ll spend time touching them up to make sure the colours are as crisp as possible, skin is flawless and ensuring that each photo tells an enchanting story.

Hopefully you now have an insight into exactly what goes on for a top Asian wedding photographer on each and every customer’s special day. It’s so important to have a wedding photographer on hand who understand your cultural practices and their significance, which is why the professional and understanding team at Rashpal Photography are the perfect choice. Get in touch to find out more about our Asian wedding photography services today.

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