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6 Ways To Arrive At Your Asian Wedding In Style!

Asian weddings are renowned for their grandeur, incredible colours and aesthetics- they are a feast for the senses in every sense of the phrase. With all the excitement that goes on it can be all too easy to lose the bride and groom in the commotion! This is why we feel that an important part of the festivities should include a well-planned and highly anticipated arrival of the bride and groom. Here are just a few of the impressive ways that you and your future wife or husband to be can arrive at their wedding in style…

On a great set of wheels

While driving in on a car is customary, why not switch things up a bit and arrange to be brought to your venue on a quadbike, motorcycle or even by boat (if your venue is located near water)? Keeping things unique and a little more quirky is perfect for your wedding day- when else are you able to show off and be the centre of attention?

On an horse

There has been a trend growing in people choosing to make their grand entrance on animals and while an elephant would be extravagant (to say the least), a horse dressed in beautiful shawls and colours is a great alternative for a UK venue. Be sure to check that your chosen venue allows this beforehand, however.

With a dance

What better way to surprise and thrill your guests than with a flash mob leading your way into your own wedding party? A flash mob allows your guests to see dance on a huge scale and if you become a part of the event, you are sure to be the talk of the night for a long while to come.

From the sky

If you have a bigger budget and a venue that has a little extra room to accommodate it, hiring a helicopter could be the ultimate treat to delight and excite your expectant guests. A helicopter will also allow you to view your venue and friends and family from a height, which will get you excited for the day ahead!

With a trick of the lights

Another entrance idea to consider is one that involves hiring a specialist lighting company to project lights and animations in your venue. Similarly a silhouette entrance can be simply and effective in engaging your guests.

Try a drop

A grand entrance doesn’t have to be costly and this couldn’t be proven to be more with our final idea of incorporating your entrance with the dropping of flower petals or confetti. If you can imagine a few thousand rose petals dropping before you as you approach your entrance it will really make your guests take notice. Flower petals and confetti (you can even have personalised confetti made specifically for you!) all make for a spectacular colour show and will also provide you with some gorgeous wedding photos.

No matter how you and your beloved choose to make your big entrance, make sure you have the perfect and professional Asian wedding photographer to capture the moment in all its glory!

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