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Common Mistakes Made By Amateur Wedding Photographers

Wedding photography is extremely important, and for the amateur photographer it can be a nerve-wracking experience. The bride and groom are relying on you to provide them with photos that they can look back on forever, which means the stakes are very high, and mistakes can be incredibly costly. Amateur photographers often run into the same kinds of problems when it comes to the big day, from having difficulty with the levels of exposure to forgetting the best types of shots to use. Here are the most common problems that amateur wedding photographers come across.


The bride’s dress is the centrepiece of the day, and choosing the dress has probably been one of the biggest decisions in planning the whole wedding. Unfortunately a bright white dress is also very hard to photograph, and it becomes all too easy to over or underexpose.


Nice, clean backgrounds are always the aim, as a messy one will distract from the focus. Simple doesn’t have to mean boring, but just remember that taking your pictures in front of an untidy bush in the church garden won’t give off the best results.

Forgetting the best shots

Professional wedding photographers will know every shot to take and every trick to make those shots look perfect. However it’s all too easy for amateur photographers to forget which kinds of shots to take, rushing the process and possibly missing some really great moments.

Chaotic group shots

An amateur photographer can find it hard to gather big groups of people together correctly for the best shots. By the time you’ve assembled everyone together you also have the task of making sure they’re facing the right way, smiling and looking at the camera. This can be intimidating, and it’s easy for group shots to turn a bit chaotic.

Equipment failure

Let’s face it, mistakes happen. There’s going to come a time when you accidentally drop the camera, or it stops working, or your memory card could even fill up and you’re left without a spare. An amateur photographer is unlikely to have the right backup equipment to fall back on, and this is where you really see the advantages of hiring a professional who has two sets of gear.

These mistakes are often seen at weddings where a professional photographer hasn’t been hired. When it comes to your wedding you get what you pay for, and should never compromise on price – the main concern should be having photos that will last a lifetime. With Rashpal Photography you’ll get professional looking photographs, captured by experts who have been doing this for years. Get in touch for more details.

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