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Everything you need to know about India Fashion Week in London

Typically, Fashion Week is the most anticipated fashion event in every fashion lover’s calendar and takes place in London, Paris, Milan and New York. However some visitors of these shows have at times felt under-represented, which is why an event like India Fashion Week in London has been a big hit in 2015 and was back for its second year in 2016! While it has yet to be announced whether this event will take place this year, we feel it is important to highlight how significant the event is in showcasing the very best in Asian fashion, designers and makeup artists. So what is India Fashion Week all about anyway and what can you expect to see here should they return for their third year?

India Fashion Week is held next to The National Asian Wedding Show and aimed at celebrating the very best of Indian fashion. From fabulous catwalk models to emerging designers and some of the top Indian clothing retailers, this event captures everything that is so incredible and forward thinking in the world of Indian fashion. The event takes place over two days and also featured well known authors on Indian fashion giving talks and hosting seminars on the subject of styles and carious trends.

As a bride, being on trend and looking fashionable is often one of your main priorities on your big special day. This is why India Fashion Week is such a great event to attend- it gives you and your wedding party the chance to spend some time together and get an idea of what is happening in the world of Indian Fashion. Events such as this also allow you to grab some serious bargains as the designers and shops trading here on the day want you to enjoy yourselves and make themselves known- this can mean some serious haggling and price cuts! Be prepared to come back with something stylish and cool from India Fashion Week in London, and may be even something that has yet to hit the stores!

When considering your wedding look, makeup and jewellery probably come up at some point and this is another reason why India Fashion Week is such as important event. It gives a great insight into the types makeup trends are out there and could help you find the perfect makeup artists that can be used to get your glammed up and ready for your very own wedding day!

Why not see if you could gain inspiration from India Fashion Week and check out their website for a little more information about what it’s all about. Whether you’re looking to spice up your wardrobe or you’re on the lookout for something completely different for your wardrobe prior to your wedding, there is no better place to infuse a little something special into your look that at this very event.  Should you want to someone to capture your wedding look perfectly, take a look at our website- we have years of experience when it comes to making you and your partner look exceptional.

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