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The Evolution Of Asian Wedding Dresses

Indian weddings (or ‘Vivaah’) are typically recognised for their vivacious energy, scale, grandeur, colours and sacred traditions. Guests at Asian weddings often find it difficult to focus on one thing as there is always so much to see and experience, however there is a distinct moment that always captures their attention– the entrance of the bride in her red dress. Understanding the importance of colour and the history surrounding Asian wedding dresses could act as an important guide when it comes to selecting your very own wedding attire!

The Significance Of Colour In Wedding Dresses

Colour has always played a vital part in Indian culture and each hue signifies an aspect of life. A wedding symbolises so much in terms of change in the life of an Indian woman and so red acts as a reminder for the beginning of a new phase of life. Red saris are the traditional garment of choice for many brides in Indian culture and are traditionally made of silk, although the colour and fabric choices have expanded over time. The colour red is one associated with colour and passion and is also connected to the colour of the rising sun. Hindu brides are often asked to wear red as the colour stands for fertility and fertility.

Ceremonial Significance Of A Red Sari

An Indian wedding typically lasts for several days and is composed of many different elements, of which the colour red is always present. The highlight of Indian weddings is the moment when the bride and groom unite as a couple and to mark the occasion, women are dresses in red bridal attire to pay homage to the sacred Hindu religion. Grooms also tend to wear red on their wedding day as the colour suggests strength.

The Importance Of Culture In Wedding Dress

Wedding dress aside, the colour red is also important when it comes to the colour of the bindi the bride adorns on her wedding day. While a black bindi is commonly associated with a single girl, red is chosen for married women. Henna is also an unforgettable part of Asian wedding attire and is used to decorate the palms and feet of women for special occasions.

Types Of Indian Wedding Dresses

Saris, Ghagras or Lehnga-cholis are the most common types of clothing worn by Indian brides. Ghagra cholis have become more popular in recent years as they present a unique style and suggest a new level of elegance that is so synonymous with modern day brides. Alternatively saris truly epitomise tradition and adds a dignified and ethereal look for Asian brides. Some Indian brides in Western countries may also choose to wear a sari during their ceremony and then change into a Lehnga later on.

Asian Wedding Accessories

Once a bride has chosen her desired red attire, her look cannot be complete without the addition of jewellery. Indian brides will find an abundance of beautifully colourful and ornate jewellery, sandals and clutches to set off their wedding gown.

Be sure to capture the glamour of your wedding day and your beautiful wedding dress by hiring a reputable Asian wedding photographer to ensure your wedding memories will last a lifetime…

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