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The Popularity of Paperless Wedding Invitations

So many couples say that their biggest bugbear and the cause of one too many arguments as a couple to be involved the organisation and dealing with RSVP cards and paperless wedding invitations on the whole. As more and more couples are opting to send out their wedding invites online or via email, there has been a complex debate started between traditionalists who still prefer paper to those who seek out a cheaper and environmentally friendly solution to bring their guests together for their special day. So which option would you choose having considered the following pros and cons of each?

Paper Invitations

Paper invitations are unlikely to go completely out of style and their relevance in today’s wedding trends is still highly significant. When planning your wedding day the little touches and details are the most important, which is why so many couples still enjoy sending out physical invitations even in an age where technology is taking over.
Something that also brings a lot of couples joy is the fact that they and their friends are able to have a hard-copy to serve as a long lasting memory of their special day in the form of a paper invitation. It also ensures that you do not have to deal with the worry of having your precious wedding invitation not load up or send properly, or even end up in the spam folder by accident!
The downside of paper invitations is in the matter that they might get lost in the post or in the fact that they will require you to know the postal details of everyone you are looking to invite- not to mention the fact that you will need to ask for a favour from someone willing to hand write the envelopes! Time to start recruiting!

Paperless Invitations

While some wedding planners scoff at the very notion of sending a wedding invitation via email, it has proven to be one of the biggest trends among couples in recent years. Paperless invites are cheap to make and can still feature the same design features that you would associate with a ‘proper’ card invitation. In fact, they also allow couples the opportunity the chance to get more creative with the fact that they can add sound and moving graphics to really capture the attention of those on the other end of the email.
As well as this, a wedding invite is also unlikely to go missing (you can easily filter through your emails to locate it) and you can also send a reply instantly- this will allow you to instantly sync the date into your diary so that you won’t have to remember to do so manually. Also, should you wish to have a physical copy of your invitation you can just as easily print it out. It has to be said that the downsides of sending your invite online is the fact that it has to deal with the potential threat of falling into the ‘spam’ folder or potentially deal with being unable to send invites to older generations who are not as technologically savvy as the younger generations.
Regardless of how you prefer to gather up your guests for your wedding day, be sure capture the special moments of the occasion by hiring a professional Indian wedding photographer. Here at Rashpal Photography, we work hard to ensure that your special day is immortalised in the most contemporary and stunning way possible.

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