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What is the role of an Asian wedding coordinator?

Most people will know how important and celebrated Asian weddings are. Every bride wants her wedding day to be special, it is one of the biggest celebrations in her life. The events are usually huge, with whole extended families and friends invited to celebrate, and the celebrations can last for days. Some Asian brides-to-be hire a wedding planner or wedding coordinator to help them to organise their event. However, there is a big difference between a wedding planner and a coordinator. A planner will help you to prepare for the big day but a coordinator will be there throughout the whole process. So, what exactly is the role of an Asian wedding coordinator?


First, the wedding coordinator will discuss the couple’s wants and needs for their wedding celebration. This will involve discussing how they imagine their wedding day and their personal preferences for all elements of the wedding, from the music to the food.
The coordinator will then take on the role of organiser to make sure the day runs smoothly. They will meet with suppliers to arrange catering, decorations and entertainment. The couple can be as involved in the selection of suppliers as they choose to be. This is ideal because it gives them the time to focus on other elements of the wedding, such as choosing the perfect outfit, while still enabling them to be involved with planning the day.
After the suppliers are arranged, the wedding coordinator then takes on the role of itinerary planning. This involves organising how the whole day will run, from the speeches to the cake cutting, and ensuring that the suppliers are aware of the proceedings. An Asian wedding coordinator will organise every detail of the wedding, meaning that nothing gets missed.


The Asian wedding coordinator is also responsible for all of the wedding communication. This includes becoming the main point of contact and taking phone calls from suppliers, so the couple is not disturbed during the run-up to the wedding. They will help to answer any queries from both the soon-to-be-married couple and the suppliers to ensure that everyone is happy and ready for the big day.

On the Day

An Asian wedding coordinator will usually attend the wedding. On the day they will provide support to help make sure that all of the guests are looked after. They will take the pressure off of the couple by helping out however they can. This could involve showing guests to their seats or collecting the gifts for the couple. This leaves the happy couple free to enjoy every moment of their day without any stress or pressure.
As you can see, an Asian wedding coordinator can play a huge role in making a very significant day for Asian families extra special. It can take the pressure away from the couple, enabling them to spend more time with their friends and family. To help you capture all the excitement of your big day, consider getting in touchwith an experienced Asian wedding photographer at Rashpal Photography.

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