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What’s Expected At An Indian Wedding?

If you’ve recently been invited to your first Indian wedding, you may be unsure about what’s going to happen and what you’re expected to wear. Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered. From understanding what part of the 3-day ceremony you’ll be expected to attend, to understanding what the reception will be like, with this quick guide, you can be confident that you will blend in.

What Should I Wear?

Deciding what to wear to an Indian wedding ceremony can be a tough decision, but the brighter your outfit, the better! When attending an Indian wedding, you shouldn’t be afraid to wear a bold colour such as red, orange or yellow. By dressing in vibrant colours, you are certain to fit in amongst the other guests, all of whom are likely to be boasting all kinds of eye-catching shades.
What Will I Be Expected To Attend?

Asian weddings can last for several days. While a traditional Indian wedding lasts an average of three days, you may not be expected to clear your diary for the duration of the couple’s celebration. You may instead be invited to the last part of the prolonged celebration, particularly if you are a friend, or any other part of the three-day ceremony. Don’t worry, your invitation should clearly state what you’re being asked to attend.

What Will The Reception Be Like?

The reception is essentially a fun party, and if you don’t already know bhangra (a Pubjab folk dance) we strongly suggest that you get your dancing shoes on and begin learning the moves! There’s no need to worry if you’re not one to step up onto the dance floor though, as you’re likely to hear a combination of contemporary Western music too, depending on the bride and groom’s individual requirements.

Will There Be Anything To Eat At An Indian Wedding Reception?

There are a number of misconceptions about Indian food, including that it’s all vegetarian and spicy. Whilst the food available to eat at an Indian wedding reception will depend on which state the couple’s families are from, the food tends to be North Indian. You can expect to see a spread of naan with an array of different curries, samosas and pakoras to tuck into. You may also find a display of sweet treats such as cake, kulfi and decorated sweets made from nuts to enjoy after the meal.

Should I Bring A Gift?

If you’ve been invited to an Indian wedding and are questioning whether you should bring a gift or not, it’s a known fact that couples usually request that there are no boxed gifts at the wedding. Due to this, guests are required to ship gifts to the couple’s home, or attend the wedding with an envelope containing money. This is likely to be placed in a beautifully decorated box alongside a number of other kind donations to go towards the newly wedded couple’s honeymoon or anything they desire.

Compared to other Indian wedding photographers, here at Rashpal Photography we strive to remain as unnoticed as possible, allowing you and your guests to truly enjoy the magical day without having to repeatedly pose for photos. If you would like to discuss the events leading up to your special day, and discover how we can help ensure your wedding is memorable, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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