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Newly engaged? Here’s how to start your Asian wedding planning!

It can feel like quite a challenge to plan a wedding when you don’t know where to start and a grand Asian wedding in particular is going to require a lot of planning. If you don’t know how to start planning your spectacular Asian wedding then here is some advice to get the ball rolling. We hope to get you on your way to creating an incredible wedding and creating memories that will last you a lifetime.

Work out your budget

The first step to planning a wedding should always be to work out how much you have to spend. Your budget is going to have a huge effect on your wedding decisions, so the sooner you start figuring it out the sooner you can get to making important decisions.

Get the important details out of the way first

Your big decisions should be the ones to get through before anything else, even if they’re tough to make. The first things you will need to do are choose a date for your wedding that are suitable for both you and your guests, choose the number of events, choose a theme, calculate the number of guests and allocate responsibilities between the families. Once this is done, you will find yourself having a much easier time making the smaller decisions.

Choose your venue carefully

The venue of your wedding is going to be setting the tone for the occasion, so don’t jump into a decision too soon. Take a look around for the sort of venue you want and start looking for it early to make sure it isn’t snapped up by another couple. The best places get booked quickly, so don’t waste any time in touring around your options and working out the best place for you and your guests. One of the biggest Asian wedding mistakes is underestimating the amount of guests in attendance, so make sure the venue is big enough to fit everyone on your guest list with some extra room for dancing.

Experience everything first hand

Many couples in a hectic rush to book everything for their wedding might just see an impressive service or product online and make the decision then and there. However, this can often end in disappointment when the day arrives and what they saw online is not what they got. If you are booking a makeup artist, caterer, live band or any similar kind of service, make sure you have a sample of their services long before the wedding to make sure that they are capable of meeting your demands. Taste their food, get a makeup trial or listen to their music, giving yourself enough time to find someone else if they don’t meet your standards. Use a similar principle when booking suppliers or purchasing your wedding attire. Even if a company have been recommended by the venue or were used for your friend’s/ family member’s wedding, make sure you consider them carefully and read lots of reviews before you choose the one that’s right for your wedding.

Get a good photographer

Choosing the right Asian wedding photographer is one of the most delicate parts of wedding plan. These wedding photos are going to last you for the rest of your life and document this special event, so you need to make sure that the photographer you choose knows how to capture the perfect wedding photos that you would be proud to frame and show off in the years to come. If you want contemporary, elegant and stylish wedding, look to book Rashpal Photography.

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