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Top Tips For Camera-Shy Couples

When a picture tells a thousand words, what would you want it to say about the happiest day of your life? If you’re feeling a little less than excited about being followed by the camera on your special day, you are not alone. Having all eyes on you on your wedding day is enough to make most people nervous, let alone having to also act natural while having the event documented photographically from beginning to end.  So, if feeling relaxed and comfortable when being photographed on your wedding day is a top priority, rest assured: there are ways around the stress of having to look poised and camera ready at all time. Finding a wedding photographer that has a less curated and rigid approach to taking pictures of you and your significant other is certainly not impossible, it simply involves finding someone who understands your reservations and makes you feel completely at ease…

Trust Is A Must

Building a rapport with your photographer is a very important part of getting the type of images you can feel proud to share with family and friends at the end of your special day. Firstly, you and your photographer should take the time to sit down and ask one another questions in order to learn about one another’s ideas and expectations, as well as discuss any anxieties you may have. Secondly, it’s important to have faith in their expertise and, having selected them after looking and liking the sorts of photographs they normally produce, let them do what they do best. Professionals will have a vision and an understanding about how they can get the best pics out of you and your partner effortlessly, whereas an amateur might make you pose awkwardly which is something the more camera shy couples should avoid.

Style It Out

While it may be easier to pick a photographer who has a documentary style approach that involves you disappearing into the background, sometimes finding someone who interacts with you in the right way can bring out the best in you and your spouse-to-be.

Go ’Journalistic’

This approach differs from the documentary style of taking pictures in that it allows the photographer to blend into the background and capture intimate moments without being too intrusive. Posing does have its place, so don’t be put off when the time comes to take some more formal photographs. Any good photographer can make the process feel natural and over before you know it!

Hidden Camera

With technology developing constantly, it was only a matter of time until we created a mirrorless camera. This new breed of camera has been at the forefront of wedding photography recently and has been used to capture some or all of a couple’s special day. They are less bulky than a traditional DSLR and can be just the thing you need to relax and take less notice of the photographer’s presence.

Try An E-Shoot

Engagement shoots are additional shoots that couples often have before their special day and many find that it helps them to get used to their photographer and to being photographed by a professional.  Just think of it as a test run before your big day!

Just Enjoy The Day!

While it may sound cliché, the best thing you can do to cure you of your camera-shyness is to simply let go and not worry. While it sounds easier said than done, try to condition your mind to relax and repeat to yourself that your wedding day is the most magical day of your life. If you enjoy yourself, the images will take care of themselves.

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