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The Most Expensive Asian Wedding Dresses

Asian weddings are known to be extravagant and full of colour. These exceptionally magnificent celebrations of love and life are often defined by the expensive ceremonies that are all a part of the celebration. One of the biggest and most important parts of any Asian wedding is the wedding dress. According to research by Asiana Wedding Magazine in 2015, the average Asian couple in the UK actually spends a whopping £50,000 on a wedding, but here, we’re taking a closer look at some of the most expensive Asian wedding dresses ever created!

£100,000 Lengha

A lengha is a traditional skirt and top outfit that is very popular as an Asian wedding dress. In 2015, the world’s most expensive Asian wedding dress was created by celebrity designer Sati Takhar and the dress’s extravagance cannot be denied. Encrusted with diamonds, weighing more than 30kg and being worth more than £100,000, this incredible Asian wedding dress was on display at the Asian Wedding Show in London and kept in a glass box guarded by a bodyguard. The lengha features a strapless corset and flared skirt which are both encrusted with diamonds, and a veil which is placed around the head and shoulders.

Aishwarya Rai’s Kanjeevaram Saree

This charming bride, and a Bollywood celebrity, donned a traditional yellow and gold Kanjeevaram saree for her wedding to Abhiskek Bachchan. This was designed by Neeta Lulla and was finished with Swarovski crystals and golden thread-work to make the dress look even more stunning. It wasn’t just the dress that made this outfit so expensive; in order to complete the look, Ms Rai wore 22 karat gold jewellery (which included an emerald and a gold armband), and was also gifted 15 kilos of gold and diamonds for her big day!

Shipla Shetty’s Red Sari

Designed by one of the best designers, Tarun Tahiliani, Shilpa Shetty wore a red saree that was embroidered with 8000 Swarovski crystals. In fact, this dress was valued at a whopping Rs. 50 lakh! With kundan jewellery, uncut diamonds and plenty of emeralds to complete the look, this wedding day between Shetty and husband Raj Kundra was simply breathtaking and can still be remembered as one of Bollywood’s most ceremonious weddings!

Miss Asia Pacific’s Non-Traditional Saree

One of the most eye-catching and expensive Asian wedding dresses was flaunted by former Miss Asia Pacific Dia Mirza, back in 2014. Moving away from the traditional red and gold colours, Miss Mirza chose an extremely beautiful green and beige saree. This sharara outfit was the creation of Ritu Kumar, and was matched with a long, golden jacket which truly completed the look. In addition to this, she wore plenty of diamond and emerald jewellery to keep the price tag up!

Asian Wedding Photographers To Catch The Beauty Of Your Dress

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