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How to Pose for Perfect Wedding Photos

When it comes to wedding photos, high quality photographers will know exactly what to do to capture the perfect picture. Timing, lighting, style, you name it and they’ll have it covered. The art of being a good photographer is all about making things look natural and not forced, so that guests and everyone involved can be viewed without the need for cheesy poses that detract from the occasion. However there are also a few tricks you can follow to give your photos the ultimate look of glamour and sophistication. By keeping these in mind you could be left with superb photos that you can’t wait to look back on time and again.

Choose the right angle

It never hurts to know the angle that compliments your look the most. Your wedding photographer should be adept at being able to portray you in the most flattering light, but it can also help if you’re aware of the best positions to be in and where to stand. It’s usually advised to try and avoid artsy shots that are taken from a low angle. It can give off the perception of height, but it could also result in a distorted image that adds weight. Portraits should also be taken from eye level or above, to avoid the double-chin effect and give off a sexier looking jawbone.

Hands on the hips

By adopting the three-quarter stance you can come across in photos as looking slim and sexy, perfect for wedding photos to cherish forever. If you extend one leg out in front, pivot, and then plant the corresponding hand on your hip you can create a long and attractive diagonal line that draws the eyes of the viewer across the subject. The important point to remember is to look natural and not forced. Of course, your wedding photographer should be capturing photos from your special day that show you doing normal things and having fun, but a few posing shots are also great to add to the collection.

Sit pretty

Crossing your legs at the ankles, with your arms and shoulders drawn inwards, is a fantastic way for a subject to slim down and maintain a more attractive appearance. It also helps to spend time in soft light, which is usually the kindest for minimising imperfections. Places were soft light is most pertinent include indoors next to a window, or outdoors in the shade, away from any direct sunlight.

With your partner

When it comes to wedding photos with your partner, it’s always a good idea to go for a walk and have the photographer take some shots from a distance. If the photographer is snapping away from a distance it gives you two some alone time, which means you can act and feel much more natural than you would otherwise. It’s also a nice touch to hold hands, as it portrays the feeling of a strong connection between the pair of you. Making the most of the environment around you can also give you some fantastic shots. If there are statues or anything else nearby that you think will make for an interesting photo then just go for it. You want your pictures to show you having a good time, so just have fun and that will come across in the photography.

These tips should help to leave you with fantastic looking photos that can be cherished forever. Of course, great wedding photographers will know exactly what to do to capture the best images that have you looking your best. If you’re interested in superb wedding photography then get in touch with Rashpal Photography. We’re the experts at giving you natural looking photos and our friendly service always puts you first. Contact us today and find out how we can help you.

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